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CAN-Sirs Corner

by Pete Davignon

reprinted with permission from Senior Softball News

CAN-Sirs: Play in SSWC; Awareness Grows Nationwide

Fall 2011 Edition

The 2011 CAN-Sirs players, many who are recent cancer survivors, were back playing softball with their local teams and with CAN-Sirs. The teams accomplished their goal of reminding players about the importance of cancer awareness and healthy living.

As a result, seniors from across the country requested information on starting local CAN-Sirs tournament teams this coming season. We hope to accommodate them all.

Many of you may have read Terry Leiden's book "Get Back in the Game." It is an informative and sometimes humorous story about cancer survivors who start a senior softball team during their recovery. Leiden is a cancer survivor and his team, Leiden's Legends, out of Augusta, Ga., played in the Huntsman Games this year. Information about his book can be found at

The best defense against cancer is early detection, but we already know that. We find it inconvenient to get regular checkups and we ignore medical advice. Besides, it's the other guy who gets the cancer.

Maybe we should pay more attention to what we read and hear. If we do get a cancer, we can get great medical treatment. Doctors, nurses, health care professionals all work to get us through it. All we do is think about how unlikely we are and we become absorbed in our recovery.

But what about your spouse, children, other family members who have to deal with the terrifying unknown, the anxiety, the heartache, and the burden of your recovery? Their lives are turned topsy-turvy with hospital visits, home care, loss of income, and time devoted to your recovery. It takes a real toll on the entire family.

Why put your loved ones through all this if regular checkups, proper testing, and living a healthy lifestyle may prevent the heartache? You don't get cancer - your whole family does.

The CAN-Sirs Awareness Team members have all watched their families carry the burden of their cancers. We don't want this to happen to you.

When you see us on the field, talk to us, ask us about our experience. If you read Leiden's book, you will find that many cancer victims' problems only start with the cancer. There is also the chance of career interruption, loss of insurance coverage, and loss of income. You have the power to control your life, do it.

Find out more about the CAN-Sirs awareness program at or CAN-Sirs Facebook page. Donations to support our mission are welcome.

And in a final note, thanks to the 65 players who participated in the CAN-Sirs exhibition teams this year; to Senior Softball for the encouragement and support; to Mike Sisavic for his informative article in the last edition; and all the financial contributors who helped make this, our first year possible.

More information is available at Email us at Donations may be mailed to CAN-Sirs, Inc., 2485 Notre Dame Blvd, #370-180, Chico, CA 95928

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