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CAN-Sirs Corner

by Pete Davignon

reprinted with permission from Senior Softball News

Health: It's Never Too Lake to Change Lifestyle

Spring 2013 Edition

It is never too late to learn something that emphasizes something you already knew. It has always been the mission of CAN-Sirs to bring the message that a healthy diet, exercise, and regular medical checkups are the best ways to prevent or delay cancer. We strive to get men talking about their cancers and to be open to discussions with fellow teammates.


When I first met with Terry Hennessy, CEO of SSUSA and Dave Peterson a former manager of the Sacramento Saints to discuss the CAN-Sirs program, Fran Dowell, Executive Director of SSUSA suggested we incorporate heart disease as part of the program.


I said I wanted to focus on cancer since I am a cancer survivor and CAN-Sirs implementing its mission would take most of my concentrated efforts.


Now I understand Fran's interest in heart health.


I recently had five-way heart bypass surgery. As part of my healing I attend a cardio rehab program.


What I am learning is that a regular exercise program, good eating habits, and regular medical checkups is now -- more than ever -- an important part of my recovery and definitely a priority in my life.


It is not a news flash that cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are all preventable by taking care of your body.


Eat the right foods, start a moderate exercise program, and by all means when medical checkups show high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high A1C levels, or other indicators that all is not good, do what the doctor tells you.


None of these symptoms are necessarily noticeable and do not cause pain, so you think you are okay with our present lifestyle. Don't be fooled.


We all know someone who has experienced cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and living with diabetes.


Just recall how it affected their lives and that of their families. Take some time out of your busy schedule and assess how you want to live the rest of hour life. Small changes can bring big results.


I am fortunate that I have survived three of the four above-mentioned diseases.


My goal now is to stay healthy and continue to remind my fellow senior softball players, their families and friends to be aware that preventing these diseases can only be accomplished by you.


I will continue to use the CAN-Sirs awareness teams and programs to remind everyone that prevention is possible and if you experience cancer, heart disease, stroke, you can recover and return to the sport you enjoy so much.


Thank you for your continuing support and I look forward to working for your health.


F.T. Pete Davignon, Executive Director, CAN-Sirs, 2485 Notre Dame Blvd #370-180, Chico, CA 95928; Phone: 530.680.1614, email


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