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Book Captures 'Precious Moments' of Senior Softball

A senior softball player from Oregon has penned a very readable and inspiring book about how the sport helped him through cancer treatment, a double-knee replacement and shoulder surgery.


In the pages of "Slow Pitch Therapy," Dr. Leon Speroff chronicles how fellow senior softball players provided essential support through "aches, pains and illness." Read more about it in the CAN-Sirs Blog "Words of Inspiration." Softball Therapy is available for Kindle on Amazon.

A Serious and Sometimes Humorous Story About Cancer

Terry Leiden's book "Get Back in the Game" is an informative and sometimes humorous story about cancer survivors who start a senior softball team during their treatment and recovery.


Leiden is a cancer survivor and his team, Leiden's Legends out of Augusta GA, have played in the Huntsman Games and throughout the southeast. Leiden has also managed several CAN-Sirs teams aka RECNAC or, cancer spelled backwards.


Information about his book can be found at 


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