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CAN-Sirs Corner

by Pete Davignon

reprinted with permission from Senior Softball News

Awareness + Prevention = CAN-Sirs Team

Fall 2016 Edition

As we begin the fall season, CAN-Sirs had only moderate success in promoting our team and expanding our message. We partnered with SSUSA for the Cal-Cup and entered the Western Open. That was pretty much our season.

My illness during this year was part of the reason for the lack of pursuing our mission I was rushed to the hospital during the 2015 Western Open, but after several hospitalizations and tests, nothing was discovered. I was experiencing loss of balance and sudden paralysis from the waist down.

Doctors thought I was having seizures and I was prescribed four different medications which as it turns out only caused me further problems. After being taken off the meds I have not had any further physical problems.

The legacy of the drugs put me in a state of apathy that along with depression. I was unable to function. Since we are a small organization run by my wife Vicki and I we were unable to pursue our mission very well.

I want to thank Gil Correa for taking on the task of managing the team. Greg Leurgans was helpful in recruiting players and Denny Weisgerber took care of the jerseys and equipment. I especially want to thank Terry Hennessy who quarterbacked the whole season for the CAN-Sirs.

I wish to thank our friends for their continued support and I apologize that I was unable to move forward with the CAN-Sirs awareness and prevention programs.

It is still our intention to proceed with the CAN-Sirs mission and with your continued help we an succeed.

If anyone has any stories or information that you would like to share, email us at


It would be great if some of your local senior softball teams chose the CAN-Sirs as their team name. It would keep our awareness program as a reminder for the whole league. We would be happy to do what we could to help sponsor the team. Several unsponsored teams have taken CAN-Sirs as their jerseys.

We encourage you to keep exercise and diet as part of your off season. You can find excellent conditioning exercises and helpful health hints on our website.

And finally, it is becomming difficult to raise funds to support our activities. We encourage you to make a donation to our cause.

You can reach us at and visit the CAN-Sirs website at Your financial support is welcome. You can donate through PayPal or 2485 Notre Dame Blvd #370-180, Chico, CA 95928.

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