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CAN- Sirs is dedicated to offering one-on-one support and encouragement to fellow senior softball players and their families by sharing experiences, answering questions, and joining together as a team to prove that a healthy, active life is possible and important to health and recovery. By sharing experiences with others we hope to save lives one at a time. 


Men often take better care of their car than themselves. They avoid health tests and check-ups, thinking that "if I don't know about it, it isn't there!"  CAN-Sirs is working to change that.


Vicki Doll and Pete Davignon, Founders

After years of playing softball, Pete was stunned with a diagnosis of cancer. Then, a fellow player who'd recovered from a similar diagnosis, reached out to him and shared that he was back on the ballfield in no time. With his mind somewhat at ease, Pete started his cancer journey. After a month-long hospital stay and six months of recovery he was back to playing softball. 


Pete began to realize how many fellow ballplayers had had cancer, how many died from it, and how many were seeing their wives through it. But they rarely talked about it. When a few men did approach him about his symptoms and treatment, it was in the dugout, or around the ballpark between games. That's when the idea for CAN-Sirs was formed. The first team played in 2010.


CAN-Sirs are dedicated to promoting cancer awareness and prevention among senior softball players. This is done primarily by sharing experiences and offering encouragement. 


Just a few years into their cancer mission and days before a major national tournament, Vicki was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. True to the mission, they shared the diagnosis with teammates and were overwhelmed with support and encouragement.


Today, both Pete and Vicki are cancer-free.

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