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CAN-Sirs Corner

by Pete Davignon

reprinted with permission from Senior Softball News

CAN-Sirs Enters 6th Year Bringing Hope and Education

Winter 2015 Edition

Cancer strikes from within. In many cases there are no outer signs of the disease even thought cancer ma be raging throughout our bodies. Without proper medical examinations, the disease can spread to all parts of our bodies and advance to higher stages before we find out.

We all know of someone who was diagnosed with cancer this year. Many were in perfect ought about getting cancer and if they followed the recommendations for good health, and yet cancer manifested itself in some manner.

The science community predicts that 50 percent of all men will have some type of cancer in their lifetime. We should follow a healthy diet, exercise and have regular medical checkups to prevent cancer. Talk to cancer patients and see if they every they ever thought about getting cancer and if they followed the recommendations for good health.

CAN-Sirs Inc. was formed six years ago to bring encouragement and current information on cancer to senior softball players and to remind them of the importance of self-health. During that time our organization expanded from one team in California to several teams in the United States. We have met and been promoted by many, such as Terry Leiden, author of "Back in the Game" a book about cancer survivors who started a softball team.

The CAN-Sirs teams have participated in many Senior Softball USA tournaments with the support of SSUSA and their many fine workers. Plans are now being finalized for their merger of the Senior Softball USA's NorCal Championships and CAN-Sirs annual benefit tournament held May 13-15. This year the SSUSA NorCal Championships will add the CAN-Sirs benefit tournament locations in Elk Grove, Calif. teams who wish to qualify for the SSUSA tournaments will be able to do so at the CAN-Sirs May tournament.


Thank you to the many NCSSA teams and tournament directors that continued their support. With the new merger with SSUSA, the CAN-Sirs benefit tournament will continue to grow and become a major contributor to the finances of CAN-Sirs.


CAN-Sirs will still have a team in the NCSSA and will participate in tournaments through the season.


We also encourage softball players who are not on an SSUSA team roster to join the CAN-Sirs Exhibition Teams that enter these tournaments.


Our new website - - will keep you up to date on our events and has all the historical data and pictures of all the softball players that have come together as CAN-Sirs teams.

The 2015 season is over and we are busy planning events for 2016. If you would like to participate or have some ideas that would help our CAN-Sirs mission, please let us know.

You can reach us at and visit the CAN-Sirs website at Your financial support is welcome. You can donate through PayPal or 2485 Notre Dame Blvd #370-180, Chico, CA 95928.


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