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 Contact us if you are interested in playing with a CAN-Sirs team, would like to manage a CAN-Sirs team, or will be in the area and would like to see us play. We will be posting the 2019 tournaments we intend to enter in the spring.  

Good news. Leiden's 75 won the AA trophy in Tampa, Florida January 24, 2015 - wearing our Recnac/CAN-Sirs shirts.

Thanks to Mike and Linda Muehrer for entering four CAN-Sirs teams in the Oshkosh Amnbassadors Senior Softball Group's four-day Tournament in August 2014. 

See photos of each team here.


CAN-Sirs Hawaii, Second Place in Kihei Maui Tournament

Congratulations to CAN-Sirs Hawaii. Second Place in the Kihei Maui Senior Softball Tournament, September 2015. Randy Faulkner, Team Manager 

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